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old-windowsIt is fairly easy to see whether your existing windows are old and inefficient. Our simple 4 step guide will help you to make a considered decision as to whether you need to replace your windows.

Colour Fading

UV rays from sunlight and seasonal elements, which will accelerate colour fade over time. The result - a lack of kerbside appeal. New windows have much better protection against fading and are also available in wood grain finishes.

Ineffective hinges and locks

Worn out and corroded hardware make it much easier for burglars to enter your home through the window. New windows have vastly improved locking mechanisms and hinges making window entry much more difficult.

Worn out gaskets and weather seals

First generation PVCu windows had gaskets and weather seals applied seperately to the profile. The result - gaskets work loose and shrink allowing heat to escape and cold air to come in. Modern windows are fitted with 'all in one' gasket that is attached to the profile during extrusion. Effectively the gasket is part of the frame and as a result will not shrink and will remain weather tight over the whole life of the window.

Misted glazing

Look out for glazed units which 'fog up' they are not only unsightly but they are a major source of heat loss as the glazing unit is inefficient. Modern DGU's are manufactured to a much higher standard and will stop heat loss but at the same time achieve achieve solar heat gain.


Old Windows

The tell tale signs

  • old-windows numbered
  • 1 - Machanically jointed corners - weak spot
  • 2 - Outdated hinges - easy for burglars
  • 3 - Insecure beading - Easy to remove and access from the outside
  • 4 - Thick double glazing gasket - prone to shrinkage
  • 5 - Outdated handles - unsightly and insecure
  • 6 - Older double glazed units prone to heat loss and misting

Classic Windows

Transform your home

  • features-01
  • 1 - Simultaneously fully welded frames provide increased structural strength
  • 2- High security auto lock PVD finished handles
  • 3 - Three styles of internal beading
  • 4 - Post extruded gasket meaning no more shrinkage
  • 5 - Windows manufactured to comply with WER energy ratings
  • 6 - High quality security
  • 7 - SAC bolts for additional security 
  • features-03
  • 8 - High security multi-point locking system
  • 9 - BS7950 multi-point shootbolt